Web Design Fairies

Here at Web Design Fairies we are your All in one solution. We handle your web, graphic and social media needs so you can focus on what you do best. We are a dynamic duo that has been collaborating for 18yrs. Molly the GoDaddy expert and Chrystal the graphics wiz come together to make the perfect company to handle your every need!


We are passionate about the web, and we’re ready to build you a gorgeous effective and user friendly website. To help us understand your needs please fill in our Website Questionnaire. This is the starting point for any of our projects and will help us understand you and your requirements. The more detail you give us, the better we’ll be able to help you. Once you submit your questionnaire you will be contacted either by phone or email to go over the project and budget in more detail.


We help take the guessing game out of who, what, when and where your site is being viewed. With web analytics you will be able to track the traffic on your site to fine tune your site and ensure success.


The first step is to have your site created and up and running but it doesn’t stop there. Websites need to have maintenance to ensure they keep running properly. We also offer a back up service for your site.


We specialize in creating clean responsive design. Your website will look good no matter what device is used to view it mobile, tablet, lap top or desktop computer.


We help take the guessing game out of who, what, when and where your site is being viewed. With web analytics you will be able to track the traffic on your site to fine tune your site and ensure success.


We offer SEO so your website will be found by all the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We can help refine your content on your website to rank higher in searches.


We offer the best in ecommerce stores. Working with you we can create a stunning custom on line shop that works side by side with your website or a stand alone shop. We also offer options for reservation systems if you are selling tickets to your event and not an actual product.


Like the name implies, a virtual assistant is a contact made over the internet that assists in day-to-day tasks. Yes, like an assistant, only virtual! We can assist you with everyday tasks. This is a monthly paid service we provide to help your business not just thrive but grow. With you focused on the most important aspects of your business. Below are just a few things we offer.  Contact us today today to get started!


We monitor and post engaging posts to your Facebook page. We don’t stop there we also monitor comments and respond to comments keeping your response rate high. Gone are the days of trying to create content posts. We will research and create posts based on your banding voice you have created for your social media outlets.


Your VA would work with our website maintenance department to keep your website updated. Not just the back end with plug in updates but we will up date your blog with your content and images or find stock images that match your topic. If you plan on blogging monthly or more this monthly service is a great for you.


One great way to stay in touch with you customers is with email. We can create an easy to use and effective email template with your companies branding in mind. Your VA can handle your email marketing campaign from concept to implementation.


We are here to help you with all your graphic needs! Our web design and VA departments all work together with the graphic designer. Or you can have our graphic specialist work on a one time project like a new logo or update your business cards. Using the Adobe Creative Cloud your graphics will be created with attention to detail and save in the appropriate format for your project.


One of the first impressions you make is with you logo make sure it stands out from the rest. Let us create one from your ideas or help revamp one you already have. Either way you will get a high quality logo to use in branding your business.


With our expertise we can create one of a kind graphics for personal or commercial use. Do you need a graphic for a t shirt for a company picnic or a family reunion? Or do you need a banner to hang outside a new location? Let us create what you need. We work with you to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for.


Ask us about our photo touch up services. Have an old family photo that has seen better days? Contact us about restoring it. Need a photo edited for your website or for print? We can recommend the best solution for your project based on your budget and time frame.


With our expertise we can create graphics formatted for the major social media outlets. All graphics to follow the branding you have established for your business.


Want to join the trend of animated posts for you media outlets? We can create custom gifs and short videos for you to share on your website or social media.


We can design outdoor and indoor banners and signs. Large hanging banners to smaller H frame signs for yards and along road ways to advertise your business. Don’t want to pay the high price at the sign manufactures to design your channel letters let us help!  We offer to scale mockups when appropriate images have been received from the client.